Review of SUVPR 350W Power Inverter Model DY8105

September 12, 2007
SUVPR 350W Power Inverter Model DY8105

This amazing piece of kit gives me 220V out from a cigarette lighter socket in my car. Perfect for charging laptop. Also has USB power out. Absolute bargain.

I had heard mention of power inverters for cars recently but I assumed they cost a fortune. My brother in law was considering one for running an old XBox in the car on long trips.

Whilst browsing around eBay I noticed this one and was shocked (pun intended) to discover that it was only €22 including P&P to Ireland. There were two models and I went for the more powerful one just in case.

350W Power Inverter Pic 1

It arrived today and it is exactly what I want. A small box that sits on the passenger side floor of the car. It plugs into cigarette lighter and I plug the laptop into it. Laptop reports that it is charging. Awesome!

350W Power Inverter Pic 4

It comes with a USB socket too so I can also charge MP3 players and phones at the same time.

It also comes with car battery clamps which surprised me. But the instruction booklet explained that anything which uses more than 200W needs to be connected directly to the battery. Good safety tip there.

350W Power Inverter Pic 3

Not much else to say. It does what I had hoped. The only tiny negative is that the power socket itself is not of the highest quality so you need to be careful plugging in and out. You may also run into problems if your lighter socket is in an odd place since the power lead is quite short.

Rated 4/5 on Sep 12 2007 by Mr C



  1. I bought this product in Thailand with Baht 600 = Euro 10 only I appleciate it very much

  2. I bought this product in libya but after 3 month there is noice come out from the inverter it is strange and it does not stop.
    can you help me to solve this problem.

  3. akram

    if you hear a high frecuency noise and you give a little knock in the box and the sound change it could be 2 things:

    1.- if the inverter comer with a ferrite transformer it could have a loosen core. put some high temp car joint maker (red silicone) between the core and windings.
    2.- some bad solder points… if you have some skills in solder check all solders and resold the suspicius ones. (broken solder points)

    i hope this help you


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