Review of kabrothers 200 Channel FM Transmitter

September 11, 2007
kabrothers 200 Channel FM Transmitter

So far this seems to be giving far better sound quality than my much more expensive VR3 FM transmitter. Only wish the audio cable was longer.

Another winner from my Hong Kong guys. €8.07 including P&P for something which is working brilliantly for me.

I’ve struggled with FM transmitters for nearly four years now. Both of the ones I’ve bought previously were VR3 ones and I suffered constant interference, volume and sounds quality issues.

It looked like I’ll have to spend either €60 to get an aux-in adapter for my Ford RDS6000 car-stereo or just replace it with some no-name chinese thing for around €90. Instead I decided to give FM one last chance with this transmitter since it offered 200 channels.

FM Transmitter for MP3 Player (or N770)

Initial signs were not great. It uses a proprietary sub-mini-USB connector from the cigarette lighter power adapter which doesn’t even fit well against the transmitter casing. However I did smile when I saw the top of the power adapter.

Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter with USB out

It also comes with a USB connection which I hope is a full USB-power-out so I can use it with my mobile phone.

I was surprised that the transmitter needed both 12V power and batteries. It actually worked without the batteries but caused a bad hum on the audio. I guess it is to keep the clock powered. I was happy to see that it has one extra feature not mentioned on eBay – a temperature gauge. Not needed by me since my car has one but still, a nice touch.

I connected the overly short audio cable to the headphone socket of my Nokia N770 and started playing some music. The 200 channels are brilliant because I found it very easy to locate an unused channel with no cross-talk. The sound quality is excellent and more importantly the volume is high so I don’t have to crank up the car stereo volume and have all the noise amplified too.

It has three memories for channels which is perfect if you travel any sort of distance and find yourself constantly retuning to avoid local stations.

What can I say, another winner.

Rated 4/5 on Sep 11 2007 by Mr C


  1. After initially being impressed I ran into same issue as previous ones – can’t get sufficient volume. I eventually just bought a new car stereo with line-in, USB and MMC/SD interfaces. Much happier now.

  2. Yea, it’s really hard to find a good fm transmitter these days. It so much interferance in the air-ways now. The old I had kept losing the signal, and I had constant whit noise. I agree with cj, a new deck with a aux line-in is a much better option. Some of them are even cheaper then the fm transmitter nowadays.

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