Review of DabsValue COLORSit 480W PC PSU

September 6, 2007
DabsValue COLORSit 480W PC PSU

A DabsValue branded PSU. Dirt cheap. Ultra quiet but a pig to install due to cheap connectors.

I tend to go for DabsValue products from Dabs.com when I just need the bare basics. So far most of the things I have bought have far exceeded expectations.

I was wary about taking the same approach with a PSU on an important PC but the reviews on the site said I’d be pleasantly surprised.

It’s a 480W “Gold” PSU with a massive fan for quietness. Lots of connectors but only one SATA one.

It came with no instructions and I ran into trouble with the two main motherboard connectors being too big. Eventually I realised the the large connector could be split in two and the smaller one could be “offset-inserted”.

Unfortunately the problems didn’t end there, that main connector took 15 minutes of wiggling and jiggling before it would finally slot fully into the motherboard connector. It just looks like they used a very cheap header. Also, that cable is very short and it was a real stretch to get to the motherboard connector.

Finally the motherboard powered up and all is well. I’ve been running for a week problem free and I have to admit, it is whisper quiet.

For important machines I’d spend a few quid extra in future but for most, it is an absolute bargain at €21.

Rated 4/5 on Sep 06 2007 by Mr C

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  1. OK, so something killed this stone dead after a few months. Either a power surge or the cheap compenents. Replaced with slightly more expensive Trust models and very happy now.

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