Review of VR3 VRFM8 FM Transmitter

September 3, 2007
VR3 VRFM8 FM Transmitter

I bought the precursor to this over three years ago on eBay. Whilst it worked ok, the range of channels was not good enough and I suffered constant interference with radio stations as I drove around.

I replaced it about two years ago with this updated model. Its purpose is to allow you to play back music/podcasts through your car stereo. It plugs into your cigarette lighter and provides a USB connection and 2.5mm jack. A simple LED display shows the transmit frequency and there are buttons for channel, song up/down, play/pause. Some of those are overloaded e.g. volume up/down.

The USB interface works fine with most thumbdrives but takes forever to scan anything big. The audio jack comes with an adapter cable for 2.5mm to 3.5mm. I have used it with various music players, PDAs and mobile phones and it works fine.

Biggest problem continues to be the lack of channel selection. I spend an inordinate amount of time changing channel as I drive to avoid interference. The quality is quite low and is better suited to voice podcasts than music. Also the volume is low too (and only adjustable for USB) so you really have to crank it up on the radio itself which increases the perceived noise.

I’ve just ordered a generic no-name replacement off eBay which has fewer features but 200 channels. I hope it works better. In an ideal world I’d have an aux-in on my car stereo!

Rated 3/5 on Sep 03 2007 by Mr C
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  1. Thanks for the review on this. It seemed like a nice clean little system, but the concerns are exactly what you highlighted: not strong enough transmition and volume of transmision too low to one has to turn up volume on stereo. Too bad to hear the transmision sound quality is low, too. Thanks for letting me know before I spent some green on this.

  2. In fact I had the same problem with the replacement I bought too. Currently looking at some wired adapters that plug into the back of my car stereo and give me aux-in so I can connect MP3 player directly.

  3. I had one too. I am a multitasking oriented person. I found no problem with the unit, until. It started to blow fuses and is now dead. I got the vr3 stereo with usb/sd/mm. It is stilling fine. Although, as a 60’s guy I am losing my hearing.

    Please everyone, Google Scarecrow Labs hydrogen and save the planet. Plus never buy gasoline again. Good driving.

  4. People i have problem with vrfm8. At first it was working fine, but now when i insert it in my cigarette lighter socket it is blinking some strange numbers instead of frequency, and not reacting on any buttons. Can anybody help me?

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