Review of Oral-B Vitality 3709 Electric Toothbrush

August 19, 2007

The double head design is not a gimmick, it really does clean better than all my old electrics

I’ve had a lot of success with Braun electric toothbrushes over the years. The first cheap one lasted five years before the battery gave in. The current one 6 year old one only died because one of my kids dropped it from a height onto a tiled floor and it broke open.

My wife bought this Braun (but branded Oral-B) one in the local chemist for half price on a whim.

Braun Oral-B Vitality

It is actually not as advanced as the older one which had a sort of hammer action where the entire head “massaged” forward and back. However it does have two brush heads. One is the standard Braun rotating one, the other is a triangular one that just vibrates back and forwards. 

Braun Oral-B Vitality

I was a bit dubious but was delighted to find that it cleaned my teeth far more thoroughly than the old one. Just like a twin blade razor the second head catches what the first one misses.

Since it uses exactly the same Braun mechanism that they have had for an eternity, it also works with all of their standard brush heads.

Highly recommended. 

Rated 5/5 on Aug 19 2007 by Mr C
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