Review of SATA and PIDE RAID PCI Card

July 27, 2007


This PCI card has 2x internal SATA, 1x external PCI and 1x internal IDE ports. Very cheap and ideal for older tower machines with lots of drive bays.

Given the only partial success I had with the SATA to USB adapter, I tried again with a very inexpensive (€11 on eBay yet again!) PCI card. This one had a good mix of ports 2x internal SATA, 1x external PCI and 1x internal IDE.

It came with a single SATA cable and drivers mini-CD which identified it as a VIA VT6421 RAID Controller. Installation was trivial.

PCI SATA and IDE adapter

As a backup I had also ordered an even cheaper IDE->SATA adapter and installed this at the same time as the PCI card. I’ll review that next.

I decided not to connect the SATA drive to the new PCI card but in fact to connect the DVD burner to it on the PIDE port. The only difficulty here was the orientation of the socket forces you to bend the IDE cable back on itself.

The DVD drive is working flawlessly and I still have 3 more SATA connectors for any more SATA drives that I add. Performance seems good and I’ll report back if I add a SATA drive to it.

Highly recommended if you need more drive ports. As it was an eBay purchase you’ll need to browse that vendors eBay shop to find the latest one on auction.

Rated 4/5 on Jul 27 2007 by Mr C


  1. Good review again, thanks.
    Here is my plan; I have a mobo without any SATA ports. I will install one of these cards to use for the DVD Burner as you did which leaves me free to use the two onboard IDE ports with converters to connect to my two 500GB SATA drives. Thats the best use of bus speed to match drive performance. (shame my mobo doesnt support IDE RAID) Its going to be a kick-ass HTPC though.
    cheers Mick

  2. It has been working fine since I installed it. Your plan sounds spot-on.

  3. Since this card bears no bios chip, one cannot boot on a drive connected to it. Too bad, almost nobody (especially not any seller) says that most of these cards lack this vital feature.
    And Mick also missed one point: the external Sata port cannot be used if both internal ones are populated.

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