Review of IDE to SATA adapter

July 27, 2007

This small adapter allows you to connect SATA drives to older parallel IDE ports on your motherboard. Works well and very inexpensive

This is the final one of my SATA adapter adventures. This adapter plugs directly into an IDE port on your motherboard. You connect a SATA cable and power to it. Utterly seamless and requires no drivers. it comes with a SATA cable and molex power connection cable.

SATA to IDE adapter

I connected my 250GB SATA drive to it and have successfully copied over 75GB of data in one go from existing SATA drive to it.

If you have a mixture of IDE and SATA ports on your motherboard, then this is the perfect way to convert one of the IDE ports over.

Highly recommended and very inexpensive (€5.46 including P&P on eBay) 

Rated 5/5 on Jul 27 2007 by Mr C
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  1. Thanks for the review, I had just ordered one already and was hoping it would do just as you have described yours has done. Anyway, good reviews, just what I was looking for.
    cheers Mick

  2. Had no problems at all with this. But it needs power from a floppy power connector.

  3. I have just taken delivery of this yesterday and not had time to fit it yet.

    It seems to me that the power from the motherboard feeds into this device, but then there is no power output to the SATA Drive. Am I missing something, or is the clue in the other comment that you need power from a floppy power connector? If so, what does the power into the IDE-SATA adapter do?


  4. You connect floppy power to the adapter to power the adapter itself but the SATA drive needs entirely separate power (which I didn’t know originally).

    If your PSU is newish, it’ll have a SATA power connector. If not then you can get adapters for older style power connectors. I got some very cheap ones from UK on eBay which also act as splitters, giving me 2 SATA power outputs from one old-style connector.

    This one is 99p! http://tinyurl.com/32nxpo

  5. Thanks for that. That explains it. The PC is quite old and the PSU doesn’t have any SATA power connectors. I’m using it as a testbed while attempting to build my first Linux server with bits and pieces from old PCs :). I will eventually upgrade more of the hardware once I’ve got to grips with it all!

    I will get hold of a power adapter for the meantime.

    That’s really useful.



  6. Thanks for this useful info. My server’s HD just died, MB has IDE only and I can’t find IDE HDs in my city. Anybody know if this adapter works with SATA II drives?

  7. I don’t think it does support SATA II. Even if it does, the transfer rate will probably be very slow compared to what SATA II is capable of.

  8. Hello. I just received one of these adapters. The adapter fits on the IDE hard drive OK, and the data cable connects to the adapter and to the motherboard OK. One end of the power cable connects OK to the adapter, but there is no place to connect the other end of the power cable. The end of the cable that connects to the adapter is a female floppy drive connector and the other end of the cable is a male Molex connector with only two pins (red & black wires). I understand from the comments above that the power cable that came with the adapter is just used to power the adapter card itself. My power supply has only SATA connectors, plus one available female floppy drive connector. OK, two questions. First, how/where can I connect the 2-pin Molex connector for the adapter card? Second, how do I get power to the IDE drive itself? Thank you.

  9. Not sure I fully understand. The adapter is to connect SATA drives to IDE motherboard connectors. I don’t think it can be used to connect IDE drives to SATA motherboard connectors (but I may be wrong about that).

    I used the floppy drive power connector from my power supply for the adapter itself since I haven’t used my floppy drive in years. If you still use your floppy drive then you’ll need some sort of splitter. Something like this: http://tinyurl.com/5u9nl9

  10. Thank you for your reply. My floppy drive power connector is available, but it will not reach the adapter on the IDE drive. I can probably make an extension for it so that it will reach the adapter. Then my only remaining problem is how to get power to the standard IDE drive. What I need is a converter that converts a SATA power connector to an IDE power connector, like the link below. What do you think? http://cooldrives.stores.yahoo.net/4mooufrsapoc.html

  11. By the way, the adapter I have allows you to connect older parallel IDE drives to ports on your SATA motherboard. Just the reverse of what you reviewed. There is also a bi-directional converter that can be used either way. Just fyi.

  12. That cable adapter looks perfect. Good to know that there are bi-directional ones too.

  13. Regarding the adapter that allows a SATA drive to plug into an IDE port on the motherboard, has anyone had a problem with booting up Windows XP or Windows 2000 from a SATA drive connectd this way?

  14. did u do any performance test?
    interested to see and compare to decide whether to get this or a pci sata card.

  15. hi there
    can you tell please tell me do you have to have both
    power supplys eg floppy power supply goes to adpter,
    but do you have to plug in the main ide power plug in.model number of adpter is rxd639.

  16. @wh – Sorry, no performance tests done. Was “fast enough” for me.

    @steve – Yes you need both. The floppy power gives juice to the adapter and the harddisk needs its own supply.

  17. This converter can be called SATA to IDE converter, because IDE to SATA will not work using this device. That’s my experience since I am using one.

  18. with the directional one, does anyone know if a jumper still needs to be used to make the ide drive bootable when using the converter and plugging to a sata drive on the motherboard?

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