Review of SATA to USB Adapter

July 26, 2007

SATA to USB Adapter

This no-name adapter allows you to connect SATA drives to USB ports. Useful when you run out of SATA ports for backup drives. Not 100% reliable.

I bought a 250GB SATA harddrive recently and realised I’d made a big boo-boo when I opened the computer and discovered I only had 2 SATA connections and they were both in use.

Initially I thought of getting an external enclosure which connected via USB but decided I preferred to keep the drive inside the case.

I found a very inexpensive SATA-USB adapter on eBay and ordered it. Unfortunately I was also out of SATA power leads and separately ordered some Molex-SATA convertors/splitters for a few Euro from a UK supplier on eBay.

The USB adapter arrived and I installed everything. I connected it to one of the internal USB ports on the back of one of my PCI USB cards.

SATA to USB adapter

Initial signs were good but then I tried to copy 75GB of data to the drive. After 25GB I got the dreaded “failed write to device” error I haven’t seen in several years from a USB storage device.

I nearly gave up but tried connecting to a second, different model of PCI USB card. So far I’ve copied about 90GB with no issue. However, just to be safe, I’ve bought a cheap PCI SATA adapter and will test that and report back with a review.

Rated 3/5 on Jul 26 2007 by Mr C

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  1. I tried a couple of these things and bought some from ebay and finally found a fairly decent brand for this. Cables to go.com I think you can purchase these off there website but might be a bit more pricey. I found this company that caries them. Hope this helps someone.


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