Review of Bluetooth 2.0 USB Adapter

July 26, 2007

Bluetooth 2.0 USB Adapter

This no-name device works like a charm. Tiny, fast with Nokia N70 and decentish BlueSoleil drivers. Dirt cheap on eBay

I’ve had a tough time with Bluetooth adapters over the years. I’ve never found them very reliable and always dog slow. However at time I found it easier to get a 3G data connection using my mobile phone using bluetooth rather than the dreaded Nokia data cable.

I was looking for some cheap components on eBay recently and spotted a new Bluetooth 2.0 adapter for almost nothing. The main advantage of 2.0 is speed. Probably still not up to HSDPA which explains why those 3G modems are USB rather than Bluetooth.

I impulse purchased it and have been so happy with it that I bought a second one. At €7.50 incl P&P from Hong Kong who can resist?

Bluetooth 2.0 USB adapter

When setup and with the BlueSoleil drivers installed, Nokia PC Suite works very reliably with it. I’ve had stability issues in the past with BlueSoleil. I’ve also had upgrade problems where they claimed my old adapter was basically supplied with a non-authorised copy of the software. I hope the same is not the case this time.

The only real problem comes when you remove the adapter and re-insert later. The drivers are OK with it but the Nokia PC Suite rubbish refuses to re-make the connection until a reboot is done.

I also managed to get my Bluetooth headset working with my desktop using this adapter. Now I have hands-free wire-free Skype calls.

Highly recommended.

As it is no-name you need to search for Bluetooth 2.0 on the Kabrothers eBay shop and find the latest one on offer.

Rated 4/5 on Jul 26 2007 by Mr C

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