Review of Xecuter 2.6 CE XBox Mod Chip

May 24, 2007
A superb way of turning an old XBox into a PS3-killing media centre
Review of Xecuter 2.6 CE XBox Mod Chip

Rated as 5/5 on May 24 2007 by Mr C

A few months back we visited my sister and saw my nephews modded XBox. I had always thought these were for playing dodgy games. Little did I realise what the modern mod-chips and software are capable of.

I decided to get the same chip for my son’s 8th birthday. Game Station are doing used XBoxes plus two used games for €60. Add to the the Xecuter chip, 80Gb hard disk and another joystick and you are still coming in well under €150.

Installation with the non-solder adapter is trivial if you are happy to open a PC. My kids lost said adapter and I had to go the soldering route. Attempt 1 splashed solder on an IC and killed the XBox. Frustrating but €60 more got me another plus two more games and a joystick.

This time it went perfectly. The replacement box was a v1.6 model (the latest) which was good due to newish DVD player but on the downside, the 1.6’s need an extra pcb soldered to them. Still, it wasn’t too difficult. New HDD was trivial too. Note that you do not need to transfer anything to new drive unless there are game settings etc you want to keep from the old one.

I booted the box and got the “minimal” Xecuter screen. Using instructions provided I grabbed the full-feature software and made a http connection to the XBox and loaded it up. Again, this was trivial to do.

I then located the Slayer software on the web and downloaded that. This is a collection of great XBox tools and applications in one easy installer. I burned the ISO to DVD and loaded it up onto the XBox. I was blown away!

Some of the kick ass features:

  • Play movies in almost any format and region
  • Ditto music
  • Stream media from networked PC
  • Play a network copy of a DVD ISO on your TV with no “mounting” or any messing
  • Full Media Centre Features
  • A bunch of old school console emulators
  • And much much more

This thing is so good, I’m seriously thinking of getting one for myself and replacing our DVD player. Those who think these chips are for nefarious illegal purposes are utterly misguided. They simply give consumers more control over the media that they have purchased.

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  1. I actually did buy one for myself and it is in constant use. The only update I had to do recently was on XBOX Media Centre to grab the latest one. The existing one could not play the audio on MKV files. It was simply a case of downloading the latest code and FTPing it to the XBOX.

    The original XBOX is on the wire lan but my one has no access. In that case, I got a dirt cheap wifi router from DABS, connected XBOX to it and connected it to main house router using WDS. This is fiddly to configure and WDS is not available on most routers but luckily it is on the DD-WRT software I run on my Linksys router.

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