Review of Shock replacement case for Nintendo DS Lite

April 20, 2007

A good replacement for broken cases but too fiddly in places

Rated as 3/5 on Apr 20 2007 by Mr C

Our eldest is on his third case for a standard DS. The hinge design on the original is a joke and breaks with minimal stress. The second eldest got a DS Lite for Christmas and it looked initially like it was a much better design with a very wide hinge.

I was wrong. There are two tiny parts on back of lid which are also very weak and after three months, one of the broke. I have to assume Nintendo do this on purpose to try and get extra sales.

The people in Hong Kong who do the replacement cases for standard DS are not doing a Lite one yet but I found an online gaming store in Canada selling the “Shock” cases. These are full DS Lite replacement cases including new transparent buttons.

They only cost USD$29 but the sods charged the same again for P&P to Ireland. Total cost was about €50 and arrived in about 10 days.

Having practice with the normal case, I expected no hassle with this and overall it wasn’t bad. However, the screen half came with the two parts clicked together and I damaged all the clips separating them.

The screen was a nightmare to re-fit as wires kept popping out all over the place. I’m also not convinced the hinge mechanism isn’t even weaker than the original.

I got it all back together but my worst fears were confirmed – there was too much damage to the screen cable and it will not start-up. I now need to find a broken one on eBay with a good top-half and do a cut n shut on the two DSes. Annoying.

I recommend this case if you have a broken hinge but not if you just want a snazzy replacement case as it is just too much effort.

URL given is for place in Singapore who seem to make them rather than the Canadian crowd.


  1. I too had a broken case and replaced it with a Shock case (red). It does appear to be thinner plastic and weaker than the original so I bought one of those clear DS lite covers to put over it and add strength to the hinges.
    Mine also didn’t start up after the refit and after examining it under a microscope I found that the ribbon cable from the top screen was not exactly aligned up in its connector on the motherboard. Reconnecting it so it fitted correctly into the connector and pressing the thin black locking strip down to hold it in place, the thing fired up no problem. So check you have the ribbon cable securely fitted before chucking your old unit out.

  2. thanks for the tip, I’ll give it another go.

  3. […] and try to do my own repairs… but then again, I’d probably break it more (and word on the street is that the NDS-Central cases are of thinner plastic than the original Nintendo […]

  4. You would think that with nintendo although being aimed at the whole family would take into account that young kids tend to be very heavy handed with their stuff,so you would think they would make them tougher from the get go.

  5. Thanks for the review on these, I was going to get one but will hold off now. However, I do have to say that you must’ve just had some bad luck. My NDS-Lite has taken more punishment than I’d like to admit and is still going strong, no hinge issues whatsoever.

  6. I sourced a replacement screen recently and tried a repair but it was just so fiddley getting the screen cable through the hinge mechanism. My hand slipped and the metal O-ring sliced straight through the ribbon cable. I’ve binned the lot and we’re just buying him a new DS Lite instead.

  7. Where is the link for Canada or Singapore case manufacturers?

  8. I got the case from these guys in Canada: http://www.gamersection.ca

    The new screen I got was from here:

  9. I bought a shock case for my son’s ds lite. I was very disappointed by the quality of the plastic and also found that the casing did not fit that well together. It has taken me a very long time to fit it all back together. The instructions I looked at on You Tube (NOT the official youtube shock instructions) were straight forward. However I spent some considerable time thinking that the casing not fitting together properly was due to wires or something else getting in the way. I would not recommend Shock DS casing on based on my experience. Next time, I will source official DS lite casing.

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