Review of Elara online shop

March 15, 2007

A very good Irish online technology store

websiteElara online shop
14:43 on Mar 15 2007 by Mr C
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

This online store sells Laptops, Printers, LCD Monitors, Notebooks, Hard Disks, Memory, Cameras, Motherboards, Routers and other similar equipment.

They have a reasonable selection of technology items, usually in stock, the prices are good and delivery via courier is not that expensive.

On the downside I don’t find them good for consumables and low cost items either in range or value. They also don’t carry many niche items and in some categories you have little or no choice.

However, they are now my first port of call to purchase computer equipment instead of DABS in the UK.

Dabs recent launch of dabs4work.ie is strong competition due to Euro pricing, VAT reclaimability and low delivery charges. They also have economies of scale.

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