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Review of Heroes TV Series

March 12, 2007

Superb fantasy TV series. Edge of the seat stuff. Favourite programme on TV right now

Review of product: Heroes TV Series

Rated as 4/5 on Mar 12 2007 by Mr C

Heroes has been around for quite a while and has been getting rave comments from anyone I know who watches it. We finally got sucked in when they started the series from scratch on Channel 6 in Ireland.

The basic storyline is that there are a bunch of people scattered around the world with super-human abilities such as being able to fly or being indestructible. However, there seems to be [a]a conspiracy against them and [b]an evil super-human.

The first few episodes that I have seen are really just setting the scene and introducing the main characters but even at this stage it is must-see for me.

Think of The Incredibles mixed with The X Files.